Our Founder
Levi Samodro Supit

Levi Samodro together with her husband, Edward Supit, is the founder and senior pastor of Jakarta Church (formerly WTC Indonesia). Levi, who is usually called Pastor Liv, returned from her studies in the United States to Indonesia and worked as a professional. Approximately 2 years after her husband decided to serve God full-time, Pastor Liv decided to follow her husband's steps and serve God full-time at her father-in-law's church, until she finally found WTC Indonesia together with her husband in 1999.



Today, Pastor Liv holds important roles at Jakarta Church as the Operational Director. However, her hectic ministry does not make her forget about her role as a mother of her three children, Rachel, Jacob, and Edward Jr.


Besides being a pastor at Jakarta Church, Pastor Liv is active as a host on several Christian shows on TV and radio. She also likes to read and write for hobby, and those are channeled to several magazine articles, especially to the ENERGY free bulletin. With easily understood, down-to-earth sermons equipped with daily life illustrations, her ministry is always expected by the congregations of Jakarta Church and other churches as well.