Our Founder
Edward Supit

Edward Supit is the founder and senior pastor of Jakarta Church (formerly WTC Indonesia). Edward was born in Jakarta and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1996, when he was attending a church retreat at ICC LA, United States. The pastor who was leading the retreat prophesied that Edward will be a great servant of God, which was far beyond Edward's sense that time because he was just reborn and did not understand about ministry.


After he came back to Indonesia from his studies in America, he worked as a professional and sometimes helped at his father’s church. In 1997, Edward was called to be a servant of God and decided to quit his secular job and serve God full-time, some time before he married Levi Samodro.  After serving for 2 years, God called Edward Supit and Levi Samodro to start a pastoral ministry. And after months of struggling and praying, they finally took a step in faith and established WTC Indonesia on 26 June 1999 to reach for souls and pastor them according to the vision from God. Some years later, God gave Pastor Ed a clearer vision for his church, one that transformed the church to an all-new Jakarta Church exactly on 1 January 2012. Jakarta Church now carries a new purpose, to transform and motivate lives through contemporary, modern, creative and dynamic services, as well as media, arts and entertainment for the glory of the Lord.


Edward Supit is now well-known for his life-relevant and dynamic sermons, a role model for young people and the young-at-hearts, and a great people motivator.