Edward Supit is the founder and advisor of Jakarta Church (formerly WTC Indonesia). Edward was born in Jakarta and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1996, when he was attending a church retreat at ICC LA, United States. The pastor who was leading the retreat prophesied that Edward will be a great servant of God, which was far beyond Edward's sense that time because he was just reborn and did not understand about ministry.

In the same year, he returned to Jakarta and started to serve God and went to a bible school. He started to preach an finally in the year of 1999 he started his own ministries "WTC Indonesia", together with his wife.

Edward Supit is now well-known for his life-relevant and dynamic sermons, a role model for young people and the young-at-hearts, and a great people motivator.

Levi Samodro is the Lead Pastor of Jakarta Church (formerly WTC Indonesia). Levi, who is usually called Pastor Liv, returned from her studies in the United States to Indonesia and worked as a professional. Approximately 2 years after her husband decided to serve God full-time, Pastor Liv decided to follow her husband's steps and serve God full-time at her father-in-law's church, until she finally found WTC Indonesia together with her husband in 1999.

She enjoys her role as a mother of 3 handsome and beautiful children: Rachel, JC, and EJ. She also likes to equip people with her down to earth and simply understood teaching and sermon.