After receiving God's calling to start a pastoral ministry, Edward Supit and Levi Samodro took a step of faith to reach for souls and pastor them. On 26 June 1999, Jakarta Church, which was known at that time as GBI KITA (Ketaatan Iman Teguh Abraham), was born.

Jakarta Church was established with great energy and spirit, and an absolute belief that God will always bless and guide Pastor Ed and Pastor Liv - familiar names for this church's senior pastors. Even though the first service was simply held at Pondok Pemulihan, Puri Indah Mall, and was attended by a very small congregation, both of them believed that one day Jakarta Church will become a big church, be a blessing and become a benchmark for other churches.

After moving several times, in 2002, Jakarta Church took a step of faith to buy a piece of land and build the House of God at Sentra Niaga Puri Indah. This Rp. 10 Billion project was started only by the congregation's faith promise givings at that time, and after passing through storms of challenges, the church building and Jakarta Church office stood magnificently and was inaugurated on January 4th, 2004.